About Nancy


My life is filled with leading, writing, teaching and traveling. In the past I designed and wrote on many different topics for newspapers, a few magazines, newsletters, and published the book, “A Hurting Heart Turned Inside out.”

I designed, wrote and continue to lead a conference called, “Relationships of the Heart.” This opened the door for me to travel.

I enjoy writing. reading, hanging with friends, and I enjoy travel! My travels include; Ukraine, Tanzania, India, Japan and Kenya.

When I am unable to travel, I travel by watching documentaries, read about the travels of others, along with hanging out with international friends in the U.S.A.

In my life I experienced tragedies, struggles and loss, BUT in all of this I am determined to enjoy life no matter what comes my way.

My most exciting and precious experience was holding my Granddaughter for the first time.

I continue to be determined to see the beauty in the middle of life’s struggles. Will you join me?

Join me…

Are you interested in reading? Writers Read.


For a limited time, “A Hurting Heart, Turned Inside Out,”
is available as a PDF for $5.00.  Email me at Nancy@Relationshipswithnancy.com to request a copy and request the payment link. Payment will be made through paypal.

Prices subject to change.

For more details on the book and a summary go to Amazon.com place my name in the search bar and look for the title, “A Hurting Heart, Turned Inside Out.”

The Chapters are set up as, Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, etc. Great for the busy person. Read one per day or for small group use. There is a totla of 49 days.

A Few Chapter Titles- *Suffering, It is Not Always Easy, *Where Does God Want Me To Be? *Forgive Quickly and Love Deeply *Challenging Relationships



One thought on “About Nancy”

  1. Tis’ a good day to belong to Adonai. I am rejoicing because I can walk without the walker most of the time. I still use it to balance me because I still tend to wobble from side to side as long as I have to wear this boot. Love you sweet world traveler..


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