2015 A Year Of Travel And New Things!

Each year instead of a New Years Resolution the Lord gives me a word for the year. Yes, if you are wondering what that means when I say the Lord gives me a word, I am a christian. I am a Christ following. I believe every word in the word of God, the bible. I believe every word is true and inspired by God!

My word for 2014 was beauty. This word assisted me to see beauty in tough times. For 2015 my word arrived early. My word for 2015 is thankful. A year of thankfulness is on its way. In fact it is beginning now! It is also a year of publishing 3 books and travel! Beauty and thankfulness!

A word for my blog followers and readers; Never give up! If you do you may miss what is waiting for you just around the corner.

Author: Nancy J.

Trainer, Relationship Conference leader -online/ offline, writer, woman on mission, with a passion for life.

5 thoughts on “2015 A Year Of Travel And New Things!”

  1. Love the music in that video that you shared. I think “thankful” is a great word to get you through 2015. In my experience it’s the thankful people who manage to see God’s blessings in tough times and continue to serve him no matter what!


    1. Thank you for your comment Caleb. I am finding that when I am thankful I am able to see through the “dark tunnel” stuff when it comes along. Thankfulness reminds me of all God brought me through in the past and reminds me to trust. As I read your comment I thought, “For sure Caleb, Christina and family understand the word thankful as they serve.”


  2. Thank you for sharing your thoughts Anthony. We are experiencing a time in our world with many struggles. What you share in your comment is very important. Glad you grabbed the word, And never give up!


  3. I really like the idea of having a new word for each year. I think I’ll give it a try. For me, 2014 was a big learning year. I’ve always been a christian, but after graduating and moving into my Grandparent’s basement, I started reading versus and doing research. Glad I did, because I learned a LOT. You have no idea. And what I did learn has already changed me – in a great way, of course.

    And yes, never give up 🙂


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