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The Book is Calling Our Name

The struggle of writing requirements, overrides our desires.


I begin my morning scanning through the files on my computer. I am looking for a folder with a list of characters for a fiction book.

I am unable to find the character sheet, but I locate the outlines for other books I am working on.

I scan the memoir, the community book, the outline for a future course and an idea sheet for writing topics.

I stop at the community book folder and long to open the file and work on this book today. It is calling my name. It is calling me, please spend time with me.


this is not to be.

Instead I close the file and move back into focusing on the online course I am writing and designing on the topic of a quiet heart.

Then…..after a few hours I will move back to the book writing that is calling my name.

Write on my friends, do what needs to be finished then move into the file that is calling your name.