When a Writing Project, is labeled fine’

small group training, one, sway (3).pngIsn’t it wonderful when we finish a writing project! Two weeks ago I finished writing copy for an online course. The design required me to write copy for videos, pdf’s, and to design questions for the students.

What a challenge this was for me. I required me to wear my writing hat, my instructor hat, and student hat.

I found this to be difficult and definitely not as enjoyable as writing my first book.

It won’t be long and I will be able to step back in to finish 2 books. One is my memoir and the 2nd is about community.

Yet, I am thankful and now overjoyed the online course is launched and labeled fine’.

How about you- Is there a style you enjoy to write more than another? Do you have a style of writing that you struggle to write?

Definition: The Italian musical term fine (pronounced fee’-nay) marks the end of a composition or movement.

 Course Link below


Author: Nancy J.

Trainer, Relationship Conference leader -online/ offline, writer, woman on mission, with a passion for life.

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