When my heart, mind and fingers are ready

When my heart, mind and fingers are ready to begin writing my next book, I find it difficult to work on my other tasks.

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My heart, my mind and my fingers are ready to dive into writing my memoir.


I find it is necessary to finish a few other tasks on my desk before diving in to the writing.

My goal is to write with a clear mind, without hindrances of a list in my head, “I should be doing,  “A, B, and C.”

Then I will set the stage, sitting in  my comfortable writing chair, meals made up ahead of time, coffee ready, and shutting down all of my social media except a couple of message apps I must stay connected to for important communication purposes.

Tonight I finished up an offering set up as a package, which includes 2 of my books and a conference call. Check out the link below and let me know what you think or better yet, purchase, “The Hurting Heart Package.”

The following link will take you to my book page on my website. This is a great place for you to pick up an idea or two. I keep everything simple, because my goal is to write, write, write.

Find my latest book package here

I will be back soon, with more information on my journey of writing, as I tie up lose ends to focus on a few days of writing.

Nancy J.


Nancy’s Memoir, A Story of Rejection and Opposition as a Woman Leader

At the end of the road, we find joy, love and peace, as we turn and walk away from those who reject us and oppose our call.

The road is tough, rough, bumpy, curvy, and filled with pot holes.


We grow as we go.

We learn as we go.

We fall to our knees and cry, and get back up and go again.

Others surround us and pick us up and walk along side of us.

Others walk away and shake their head, because we refuse to be molded and shaped to become just like them.

At the end of the road, we find joy, love and peace, as we turn and walk away from those who reject us and oppose our call.

Selah  ~~~~~ Pause ~~~ In peace we walk on.

Nancy J.

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Writing friends I need your assistance?

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Hi Friends who follow my blog and new readers,

Would you be interested in a general 4 week course on self publishing?

Let me know in the comment section if your answer is yes. What would you like to learn about self publishing? Be specific.

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Nancy J.

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The world of writing, design and creativity

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The life of  writing and designing wrapped in creativity may bring joy to our life. Others times we may find it is a struggle. Yet, we continue to write with joy, in the middle of life’s struggles and day to day living.

I finally finished a short little PDF book, “Quotes from the Heart for Women Leaders.”  My plan was to write and publish quickly. Instead my plan changed and the final book required more time than I planned.


It is now finished and available to the public. Check out my about page for book details. “Quotes from the Heart for Women Leaders is available as a gift, when you purchase, A Hurting Heart.”

I am in the middle of a long term goal called, “Relationships of the Heart Boot Camp for Leaders.” On the inside where the planning and writing is happening, it is requiring me to use many different styles of writing.

At the center of the planning, (this keeps the writing focused) is the Relationships of the Heart Conference/Workshop material. If you are reading this don’t tune me out and think, “this is not writing, Nancy is talking about a conference and workshop.”

This is where the thinking is wrong. For me there is more hours than I can count in the area of writing a conference/workshop. Edits, more edits, questions, cultural understanding, pilot programs, more edits rewrites and a cup running over with patience!


an entire package of writing from the conference/workshop is in the works for material for DVD’s, CD’s, videos and more.

Today’s world of writing is changed. From non-fiction, to fiction. From eBooks, paperbacks, audio books, and pdf’s, to various shapes and sizes.

The world of writing is changed forever.

To my friends and writers who struggle with a specific style and type of writing, maybe it is time to try a different style.

It is possible non-fiction is more your style and you are hammering away at fiction. It is possible fiction is more your style and you are hammering away at fiction. I am not saying to give up when writing becomes difficult. Instead I am saying, it is ok to try another style.

The next chapter of my writing in it’s beginning stages is memoir writing. Stay tuned for future posts. I will place the words (Memoir) at the end of each post title to assist people to quickly find the posts on my memoir topic.

Be sure to place your email address in the follow blog by email bar. It will assist you to not miss a post.

Share your thoughts in the comment section. Let me know your favorite personal style of writing, and your least favorite. Let’s learn from one another.

Until I return,