Writing Opportunities in a Changed World

I am finally back to share a few words. My topic today is focused on the various types of writing. I also include an audio of my thoughts about my heart and my writing. I hope you take the time to read and to listen.

My goal of this post is to open your eyes to the various opportunities in the area of writing in today’s world. I encourage you to take the time to read through this post.

Below is a few photos from my archives and descriptions of my different styles of writing. Don’t  forget to read to the end. The course, “The Focus Coach Basic 1 for Leaders,” will give you an idea of various types of writing required.

The many styles below will assist us to become a better writer. Enjoy the read and be sure to comment and share your thoughts.

Nancy Watta, Founder/Leader and Writer for The Relationships of the Heart Community for Leaders.

NW writing stories

The photo above is from my archives. The photo includes my writing published, in a magazine, an international magazine, and newspapers.

material, research, binders, paper, ROH


The photo above is the writing for a 3 day conference I lead focused on relationships in the life of a leader.  Many years of writing and design is included in this project. The surprise for me was, the many different types and style of writing flowing out of this project.

Everything from blogs, to podcasts, websites, books and speaking.

A Hurting Heart, group, books (2)

The photo above is my first published book Available on Amazon in paperback and on Kindle. A Hurting Heart Turned Inside Out. Stories from my life.


Above is my second book. This book is different than the first and  is available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle. This is a small book filled with my quotes from my various areas of writing.

Screenshot (541)

Above is my 2 current online courses. Yes, this required writing in a different style than my books.  This required design, writing copy for videos, white papers, and more. This is definitely is a challenge to bring together many styles of writing and learning in one place.

FC, Description, Basic 1

The photo above is the most recent project. This is 3 online courses on the topic of Focus. Below I will share the copy. The writing for this definitely was and is a challenge. Not only am I writing and designing, but also teaching. This is a video for the course.

Below is the description of my course. Read this and examine the various types of writing required for this project. I also believe, although this is not a course about writing, it will assist you to make time for your writing and to complete your writing projects.

The Focus Coach Basic 1, Online Course for Leaders

Below is the details for our newest course. The course is part of the Relationships of the Heart Learning Community for Leaders. The 4 week course is designed for leaders, but the lessons will also be beneficial if you believe you are not a leader.

It would be wonderful if you would join me on the inside of, “The Focus Coach, Basic 1 for Leaders.” If you prefer to use an invoice to register and make a payment of $99.00 for your course please contact  me at Nancy@Relationshipswithnancy.com

Here to serve you,
Coach and Leader Nancy Watta


The Focus Coach online course is for leaders who…

• experience struggle in the area of meeting deadlines.

• desire to begin to take steps to lead a more focused life.

• desire to be more focused in the area of setting daily priorities.

• need assistance in the area of their daily schedule.

• desire more margin in their life.

• Are ready to take an honest look at your daily life in the area of focus?

• In addition, “The Focus Coach,” Basic 1, is for; Business owners, Nonprofit leaders, Executive directors, Pastors, Church Staff, Entrepreneurs.

Registration is now open for the 4 week course. Price; $99.00

The course is yours to keep, because it arrives in your email!

Scroll to the bottom to review the topics for each lesson.

How can we serve you?

Important Communication Instructions from, Coach Nancy Watta

I am here to assist you, as you walk through your 4 week course. Following your paid registration, your course will begin on the following Monday of your registration.

Example; When you register on Wednesday, the material for the first lesson will arrive in your email inbox on the following Monday. When you register on a Monday, your first lesson will begin the following Monday.

One time per week during your 4 week course, I will connect with you through email to check on your progress.

Also you may connect with me anytime during the 4 week course through email, with your questions or comments.

Please remember this is a self paced course. If for some reason you are unable to finish during the 4 weeks, I will not be contacting you one time per week to check on your progress after the 4 weeks is completed. The 4 weeks is calculated from the date of your paid registration.

Example; if you are scheduled to begin your course on November 18, I will no longer contact you weekly after December 15th. BUT if the course is not completed within the 4 week schedule, you may contact me via email with your questions or comments. The difference is you will be moved down the list as a lower

Important Note- No returns accepted, all sales are final.  This course is non-transferable. My focus is coaching. This course is not provided as therapy, counseling, or medical advice.

Course Description. Length 4 weeks
Lesson 1

Beginning with ourselves. Designing a plan. The plan design begins on day one and includes a daily journal assignment to be used in lesson 1-4.

Lesson 2
The Bible and Focus, What is God saying? Looking at various passages in the bible. Understanding God’s perspective on the topic of focus. Applying to our specific circumstances in our life.

Lesson 3
Becoming focused in our social media, informational saturated world, online and offline. Setting up a plan, to better manage our daily life in the area of social media.

Lesson 4
The importance of Rest and Margins.
 Learning how to change in the area of rest, margins and boundaries as a leader.

Be sure to contact me if you have questions.








Author: Nancy J.

Trainer, Coach, Relationship Conference leader -online/ offline, writer, woman on mission, with a passion for life.

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