The Challenge of Change

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Many years ago the first steps were taken to launch the one day conference, “Relationships of the Heart.” It was launched as a pilot, with no foresight of what was ahead for our small beginnings.

Fast forward to today, and I stand in a role of leading, “The Relationships of the Heart Learning Community for Leaders.” As technology began to change, and opportunities became available online it became apparent rather quickly, “Relationships of the Heart,” would need to move into carrying on and existing in both sides of the equation with an offline/onsite, online presence.

The journey as a leader of an organization existing in a world of constant change, includes numerous challenges. Our world moves quickly, and it is easy to fall behind, and suddenly realize we missed an important change in social media areas, or offline styles of presenting.

The most prominent change is we live in a more relaxed world, in the area of professionalism. This includes online/offline.


An example is my current state of communication in the area of Social Media. A few months ago behind the scenes changes began to take place. The changes turned my system of leading and training leaders online upside down.

The changes effected almost everyone. BUT in the middle of the change I was determined to work through the system change.

For now, I let out a sigh of relief and at the same time understanding, in a short time the next change is waiting around the corner.

(This is a reprint from my article on LinkedIn.)

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Author: Nancy J.

Trainer, Coach, Relationship Conference leader -online/ offline, writer, woman on mission, with a passion for life.

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