A Hurting Heart Turned Inside Out, Helping the Homeless


The majority of the time mid size to large cities have homeless shelters.

Many small towns do not.

I moved to my current city long ago. I left behind my small town, family and community.

Last year my small town and county opened a small shelter for men. I am proud of my small town and county taking this step. I prayed asking God, “how can I help from a distance?” How can I assist the needing through my business? God answered and below is my plan.

I am donating $2.00 from my book, “A Hurting Heart Turned Inside Out,” to the Sanilac County Rescue Mission through December 31, 2020.

The price of the book is $10.99 for the paperback version. Copies must be purchased directly from me. This price includes tax, shipping and handling.

Books are available on Amazon, but if purchased through Amazon, the $2.00 donation will not apply.

If you desire to order a book(s) please email me at; Nancy@Relationshipswithnancy.com

I will send the payment link to you, and then ship the book(s) to your preferred postal mailing address.

Shipping is only available in the USA.

Book Time, Reading Time

A Hurting Heart, group, books (2)Hi Blogging friends,

I lead conferences and workshops focused on Relationships. I am also an author.

For friends in the USA I am offering special pricing.

7 books at $7.50 each. A savings for you of $2.50 per book. Includes shipping and handling.

2 to 6 books $8.00 each. A savings for you of $2.00. Includes shipping, handling and tax.

1 book $10.00. Regular price. Includes shipping, handling and tax.

Paperback copy. Stories from my life as a leader. The joys, the struggles and Relationships.

Good through January 17, 2020.  To order email me here. Nancy@relationshipswithnancy.com

More here. https://relationshipswithnancy.weebly.com/

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