It’s overused. It’s lazy. It’s something that should be stopped.

A simple writing tip for writers.

This morning I was reading through my curated articles from get pocket. I stumbled on an article, “It’s time to talk abou6t “it’s.” Subtitle definitely was an eye opener for me.

The subtitle is, “It’s overused. It’s lazy. It’s something that should be stopped.”

Yikes, is it possible that I use the word “it’s” in my writing. It’s easy to drop in this little 3 letter word. (Rewrite without it’s. This little word is easy to drop into a sentence.)

As I pondered the subtitle, and read the article I was reminded of my English teacher. I was only in 7th grade, but I recall the ongoing instruction on the topic of overused words.

At the young age of a 7th grade student, I did not know that in my adult world I would become a writer.

Check out the article, and take time to examine your use of the word, “it’s.”

Rewrite time!

Leave me a comment. Your thoughts on the little word, “it’s.”

Small Beginnings, Lead to Big Endings

When I was in my late years of grade school, I recall my teacher reading us the books of Laura Ingalls Wilder.

She would read, during what she called our rest period. I recall being fascinated by a world, far removed from my world.

Recently I read a list of women authors from long ago. I stumbled on Laura. New information! Her first successful book was published at the age of 64!
As I read the article, and checked other sources, I was encouraged! Why? I am 61! I shared with a friend tonight, if I live to the age of my Grandmother, I have 40 more years to enjoy life!
Laura Ingalls Wilder began with her small beginnings, and the big endings arrived after her death. What was the big ending? The long running TV series, “Little House on the Prairie.”
Be encouraged friends, life is not only for the young. Success is not only for the young. God still has something for you to do for him, if you are willing to pull back the curtain, take a look and press on.
The opposite choice is to find a rocking chair, sit down, and live out our remaining years, watching TV, movies, growing old before our time, and no longer living life to the fullest.
A wise quote from Winston Churchill. The ability to move from failure to failure, without giving up.

History of
Laura Ingalls

Caring for Our Heart, In a Chaotic World

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Hi Everyone,

I have mentioned in previous posts, that a big part of my current writing is in the area of content.

Please be encouraged as a writer. In  our world today, there is many areas online requiring writers.

This week I am launching a class. Hmmmm….did she write the content? Yes, I did. Everything from video content, class content, promo content, and newsletters.

Will you join me?

Tomorrow is the day! It is time to be live on Facebook in our new Group. The Group is called, “Classes, Books, and Learning.” Our first free class in our group is ready to go!

This class is relevant for today! We are living in a time of change, and for many a time of stress.

Read the details below and join us in our group.

Join me Live in our group, Caring for Our Heart, in a Chaotic World.

IMPORTANT– You must join the group to view the live videos or replays.

When– Tuesday, April 28 to May 1. (Tuesday to Friday)

Time – 4 p.m. eastern time USA. A replay will be available.

Location– Live inside the, Classes, Books, and Learning with Nancy Group only.
Leader/Facilitator; Nancy Watta

See below to go my Facebook group page. If you experience problems connecting reply to this email, and your questions will be sent directly to me.

I hope you will join me, as we talk about Caring for Our Heart, In a Chaotic World.

Go here to join our page. 

On the Way, Mini Books

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In the last few months I have waded through many years of my writing for classes, small groups, blogs, websites, training and teaching.

Today, I began the task of turning some of my material into mini books. As my books become available, I will begin sharing how to purchase the books here. In the meantime if you desire to be placed inside of my community to receive everything that becomes available press here to see the details.

Go here to assist me at Relationships of the Heart for Leaders. We are in need of additional funding as we expand and grow.

I enjoy hearing from my readers. Connect with me here for comments, questions, purchasing inquires, or discounts on books. 

Relationships of the Heart is about Community

We are a community of leaders.

We learn together through social media, books, conferences and workshops.

This is our homebase for communication and learning.

Our 3 main topics inside our group is…
1- Our Relationship with Jesus Christ.
2- Caring for one another in community.
3- Reaching Others, the Heartbeat of Jesus.

By becoming part of my (our) community you will be the first to receive everything new at Relationships of the Heart and More…

We are expanding, our territory, and more will be available in the future. After joining our community and you decide our community is not relevant to you, simply unsubscribe.

Your writing friend,

Nancy, Founder/Leader of Relationships of the Heart

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At the Desk

Take the Next Step, Join the Our Community


Hello Writing Friends,

I was busy writing content for the last few weeks, and I am still not finished!

If you are interested in following me closer, outside of my blog sign up below.

If I am able to finish up my content writing in time, next week I will be launching coaching in the area of focus.

Although this is not only about writing, the guidance and coaching you will receive will assist you in areas of your writing. It may even assist you to find more time to write!

After you join, by pressing the, “Go here to join me,” below you will be taken to my welcome page.  If you have any questions following your sign up, please be sure to email me using the information provided.

Don’t stop now! I believe in you. Press the Go here to join me, below.

Nancy (Founder/Leader of Relationships of the Heart)

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Hey Writing Friends, A Song for You!

Writers who are serious about writing, understand the seasons of struggle.

Writers also may become discouraged. It is hard to explain to people who do not write, the energy needed to write.

I stumbled on this song today, and I thought this may possibly, encourage you to keep on trying. Keep on writing even if you fear failure.

Writing and the Wall, with Nancy

I will push through to the other side, and finish what is before me.

From my desk to yours….

On Tuesday I began to write, write, write. It is Thursday and I am still writing. This week is not a week of working on my book. Instead it is a week of writing copy for promotion. We live in a world that as writers we are required to do much of our own copy and promotion.

I have written to you in the past that my writing consists of blogs, books, conferences, workshops, and social media writing. This week my head is spinning with copy, and it is all necessary. I decided to expanded Relationships of the Heart.

This requires money, so along with my piles of writing requirements is writing copy for crowdfunding. Below I share 2 of my links to check them out. Along with the unfolding of my new website.

As I write this to you, my first thought is I long to set all of what I write above aside, and work on my book. In reality this is not going to happen. Instead I will push through to the other side, and finish what is before me. Then I will jump back into the community book writing.

Keep writing my friends. It is best to remind ourselves even if we are lifetime writers, there is more to life than sitting by ourselves and writing. People are important, it’s a constant challenge to find the balance, but it is important. If you feel like you are hitting a wall, take smaller steps forward and continue on.


Founder and Leader of Relationships of the Heart

If you are interested it would be great if you would encourage me, by giving any amount. In fact Crowding funding #2, allows you to give a minimum of $1.00. Drop in the amount that is the price of a coffee, or a fast food lunch. It will encourage this Life Time Writer as she forges ahead.

Crowdfunding 1- Relationships of the Heart.

Crowdfunding 2- Help me to Grow Relationships of the Heart,

Check out my new website- We still have lots to do, but it is getting closer to being finished.

Writers Write, They Do Not Only Talk About Writing

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I cannot recall a time when I was not writing. Whether it was writing a paper in high school, in college, in journals, business letters, partner letters, copy for videos, audios and finally online and in books.

A few years ago I stumbled on a site and began placing my teaching material on the site. Now, some of this material is in my books.

If you write online, save your writing friends. You never know when the time will arrive and you will desire to use it in a book.

My writing from 2011.

The Instigator

Today I as I read Acts 19 I focused on the riot in Ephesus that was started by one instigator named Demetrius. He was concerned about the loss of his income. Behind the scenes he insinuated future problems.

All it takes is one person behind the scenes to stir up the people around him to cause problems. People such as Demetrius never operate in the public eye they usually operate behind the scenes.

Most of us at one time in our life, may experience the problems that someone like Demetrius causes. Although this may not be an all out riot, their words seriously affect our life.

What did Paul do? Did he set out to confront Demetrius? No, he just kept moving forward preaching and teaching the Gospel. He kept his eye on the prize!

Paul speaks from his prison cell in Philippians 1:12-14

Now I want you to know, brothers, that what has happened to me has really served to advance the gospel. As a result, it has become clear throughout the whole palace guard and to everyone else that I am in chains for Christ.

Because of my chains, most of the brothers in the Lord have been encouraged to speak the word of God more courageously and fearlessly.

Reminder for my readers today; As you share the gospel there will be those that will oppose you. They will oppose you to your face and they will oppose you behind the scenes just as Demetrius did.

In fact those who oppose you, may be other Christians. The key is, just as Paul did, even from a prison cell, just keep moving forward. There will always be the Demetrius’s in our world

(Copyright 2011, Nancy J. Watta)


Remember writers write, they do not only talk about writing.


Nancy’s Memoir, A Story of Rejection and Opposition as a Woman Leader

At the end of the road, we find joy, love and peace, as we turn and walk away from those who reject us and oppose our call.

The road is tough, rough, bumpy, curvy, and filled with pot holes.


We grow as we go.

We learn as we go.

We fall to our knees and cry, and get back up and go again.

Others surround us and pick us up and walk along side of us.

Others walk away and shake their head, because we refuse to be molded and shaped to become just like them.

At the end of the road, we find joy, love and peace, as we turn and walk away from those who reject us and oppose our call.

Selah  ~~~~~ Pause ~~~ In peace we walk on.

Nancy J.

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