On the Way, Mini Books

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In the last few months I have waded through many years of my writing for classes, small groups, blogs, websites, training and teaching.

Today, I began the task of turning some of my material into mini books. As my books become available, I will begin sharing how to purchase the books here.In the meantime if you desire to be placed inside of my community to receive everything that becomes available press here to see the details.

Relationships of the Heart is about Community

We are a community of leaders.

We learn together through social media, books, conferences and workshops.

This is our homebase for communication and learning.

Our 3 main topics inside our group is…
1- Our Relationship with Jesus Christ.
2- Caring for one another in community.
3- Reaching Others, the Heartbeat of Jesus.

By becoming part of my (our) community you will be the first to receive everything new at Relationships of the Heart and More…

We are expanding, our territory, and more will be available in the future. After joining our community and you decide our community is not relevant to you, simply unsubscribe.

Your writing friend,

Nancy, Founder/Leader of Relationships of the Heart

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At the Desk

A Hurting Heart Turned Inside Out, Helping the Homeless


The majority of the time mid size to large cities have homeless shelters.

Many small towns do not.

I moved to my current city long ago. I left behind my small town, family and community.

Last year my small town and county opened a small shelter for men. I am proud of my small town and county taking this step. I prayed asking God, “how can I help from a distance?” How can I assist the needing through my business? God answered and below is my plan.

I am donating $2.00 from my book, “A Hurting Heart Turned Inside Out,” to the Sanilac County Rescue Mission through December 31, 2020.

The price of the book is $10.99 for the paperback version. Copies must be purchased directly from me. This price includes tax, shipping and handling.

Books are available on Amazon, but if purchased through Amazon, the $2.00 donation will not apply.

If you desire to order a book(s) please email me at; Nancy@Relationshipswithnancy.com

I will send the payment link to you, and then ship the book(s) to your preferred postal mailing address.

Shipping is only available in the USA.

Book Time, Reading Time

A Hurting Heart, group, books (2)Hi Blogging friends,

I lead conferences and workshops focused on Relationships. I am also an author.

For friends in the USA I am offering special pricing.

7 books at $7.50 each. A savings for you of $2.50 per book. Includes shipping and handling.

2 to 6 books $8.00 each. A savings for you of $2.00. Includes shipping, handling and tax.

1 book $10.00. Regular price. Includes shipping, handling and tax.

Paperback copy. Stories from my life as a leader. The joys, the struggles and Relationships.

Good through January 17, 2020.  To order email me here. Nancy@relationshipswithnancy.com

More here. https://relationshipswithnancy.weebly.com/

Welcome to 2020!

How can we serve you?

Dropping by with a quick message. I will be back soon, with a blog post sharing with you, everything that is now available.


a peek into what is to come!

Persist in your writing, and don’t give up! Let’s make 2020, a year of crossing the finish line.

Let’s start the New Year off with a few comments. Share below what you are working on, in the area of your writing. If you desire to share details, go for it. If you desire to share one word or a few that is good too!

Merry Christmas to my Writing Friends

Prepare to plunge back into the land of writing.

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Dear Writing Friends,

Merry Christmas to you! I hope you are taking time to enjoy the day, whether you are with a small group of people or large.

My prayer for you as writers is that as we move into 2020 that your year of writing will be productive, successful, and a joy.

See you soon, with another post of what is going on in my world of writing. Thank you for connecting with me on my blog.


Hiking Boots, Mittens, and Walks

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Two days ago I put on my hiking boots, (nice, they are warm!) Put on my winter mittens, hat, scarf, and heavy coat! Brrr…I head out the door for a brisk walk, because I was beginning to feel sluggish from being inside! The thought of stepping out into 24 degree Fahrenheit weather was not comforter! BUT…I realized I must do this!

Today was day 2 of my winter walk, and once again the temperature was below 32 degrees Fahrenheit. I did not let the temperature stop me, and placed my feet on the street once again.

Except for the traffic; it is my time of quiet, my time of thinking through, and a little writing takes place in my mind.

2020 is on it’s way and I am making my writing goals. Do you set writing goals for yourself? Usually mine writing goals are not specific enough. As the new year approaches I am making new goals.

My first goal is to finish the book that will not be finished in 2019. This is my fault, because I did not set up a specific plan to complete my memoir. The second is to complete a second book. The second book is completed in the area of research, now I need to get down to the work.

What is my solution? I am setting up a writing calendar in the same way, I set up my calendar for other areas of my life.

It would be great if you share your writing goals with us in our comment section.

Also, join me to check out more of my areas of leading.

Join me here. 

My books here.