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Hello Fellow Writers and Friends,

I am stopping by with a quick message to share my current podcast locations with you. Although I have used podcasting for many years, not long ago I felt it was time to move on to using a different company to house our podcasts.

We are now up and running with 5 episodes available.

Join me and check out our podcast page. Once you are on the page, listen on the page, (on the app or web) or check out the where to listen to area, to follow me.

For general information see, What’s Up at Relationships with Nancy.

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Small Beginnings, Lead to Big Endings

When I was in my late years of grade school, I recall my teacher reading us the books of Laura Ingalls Wilder.

She would read, during what she called our rest period. I recall being fascinated by a world, far removed from my world.

Recently I read a list of women authors from long ago. I stumbled on Laura. New information! Her first successful book was published at the age of 64!
As I read the article, and checked other sources, I was encouraged! Why? I am 61! I shared with a friend tonight, if I live to the age of my Grandmother, I have 40 more years to enjoy life!
Laura Ingalls Wilder began with her small beginnings, and the big endings arrived after her death. What was the big ending? The long running TV series, “Little House on the Prairie.”
Be encouraged friends, life is not only for the young. Success is not only for the young. God still has something for you to do for him, if you are willing to pull back the curtain, take a look and press on.
The opposite choice is to find a rocking chair, sit down, and live out our remaining years, watching TV, movies, growing old before our time, and no longer living life to the fullest.
A wise quote from Winston Churchill. The ability to move from failure to failure, without giving up.

History of
Laura Ingalls

The World of Books and Kindle

Hello Life Time Writer Friends,

This week I launched our 4 part video live series.

(For details on the series see previous post.)

In honor of our launch I am offering my book, “A Hurting Heart Turned Inside Out,” for 99 cents on Amazon Kindle. Available at this price for 7 days. (Day 1 of 7 is today)

It would be great if you would help your life time writer friend by purchasing and sharing this offer with friends.

This is also available in paperback. If you live in the USA copies are available to purchase directly from me.

If interested in purchasing directly from me, let me know in the comment section.


Caring for Our Heart, In a Chaotic World

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Hi Everyone,

I have mentioned in previous posts, that a big part of my current writing is in the area of content.

Please be encouraged as a writer. In  our world today, there is many areas online requiring writers.

This week I am launching a class. Hmmmm….did she write the content? Yes, I did. Everything from video content, class content, promo content, and newsletters.

Will you join me?

Tomorrow is the day! It is time to be live on Facebook in our new Group. The Group is called, “Classes, Books, and Learning.” Our first free class in our group is ready to go!

This class is relevant for today! We are living in a time of change, and for many a time of stress.

Read the details below and join us in our group.

Join me Live in our group, Caring for Our Heart, in a Chaotic World.

IMPORTANT– You must join the group to view the live videos or replays.

When– Tuesday, April 28 to May 1. (Tuesday to Friday)

Time – 4 p.m. eastern time USA. A replay will be available.

Location– Live inside the, Classes, Books, and Learning with Nancy Group only.
Leader/Facilitator; Nancy Watta

See below to go my Facebook group page. If you experience problems connecting reply to this email, and your questions will be sent directly to me.

I hope you will join me, as we talk about Caring for Our Heart, In a Chaotic World.

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Book- Quotes from the Heart for Women Leaders

Quotes from the Heart for Women Leaders is a great resource to use as a teaching illustration resource.


Available on Amazon on Kindle and paperback. 

USA only, contact me here to purchase direct from me, (Nancy) paperback version. Along with quantity discounts.  Mention this blog when requesting discounts.

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In the USA, contact me and request a signed copy, and pricing. 

I enjoy hearing from my readers of my blog, my books, or other online resources. Contact me with your questions or comments. 

The Tear, Sliding Down My Cheek

How can we serve you?

It was a long week this week. Filled with walks for exercise to stay healthy. The Covid19, news everywhere, attending an afternoon workshop on the topic of Immigration Law & Policy, and the daily leadership requirements of Relationships of the Heart for Leaders.


After a long week, I am writing to you my friends, and it is 2:38 a.m. in the morning.

Go ahead ask the question, “Why are you writing this blog post at 2:38 am? The answer is simple. I was sooooo very busy on Friday, I did not have a cup of coffee until mid evening.

My plan was to have one cup, but I continued to slowly sip more than one, and here I am writing to you.

Lately, I am struggling a bit as a writer. It’s not because, I am experiencing writer’s block, or that I do not have the time.

It is because, I am working on a book, that is difficult to place on paper. It is the stark truth, about living in a mid size city.

The difficulty is, the truth on the underside of the city is beginning to surface. It is the underside of a city, that has been submerged under a pile of denial for years.


there is a big part of the story, that I will not need to share or write about.

Why? Because it is no longer hidden. It is in the news, online,and it is tearing apart families.

Homicide, guns, stabbing, drugs, alcohol, theft, abuse, committed by the young and the old.

Amongst the new buildings, parks, festivals, committees, and promotions, the homeless walk, ride bikes, and some carry backpacks.  The young and the old.

They silently walk in and out of all that shines, and promotes beauty. Many have a tired look on their faces, but they continue on.

As for me, I continue to work on my book, and one day, the full story will be revealed.

One woman, who arrived in a city many years ago. She began her journey in the city, in the corporate world, and eventually became part of the city that no one sees.

In this city I learned what it is like, to lose almost everything I own. I learned what it is liked to live on the edge of homelessness. I learned about how people judge, and about power control.  I learned what it is to be faceless, and the necessity of a zip code or to become a number.

Eventually I will leave this city behind, and my book will be published.

The book will be dedicated to the people of the hometown I left behind long ago. They loved me enough to let me go. They taught me about community.

The book will also be dedicated to my parents.

As I write this, a tear falls down my cheek. I miss my Father, so very much. He left us a few short years ago, in his 80’s. My mother is still with us, but someday she will be gone too.


I press on…My prayer is that you will do the same.

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On the Way, Mini Books

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In the last few months I have waded through many years of my writing for classes, small groups, blogs, websites, training and teaching.

Today, I began the task of turning some of my material into mini books. As my books become available, I will begin sharing how to purchase the books here. In the meantime if you desire to be placed inside of my community to receive everything that becomes available press here to see the details.

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Relationships of the Heart is about Community

We are a community of leaders.

We learn together through social media, books, conferences and workshops.

This is our homebase for communication and learning.

Our 3 main topics inside our group is…
1- Our Relationship with Jesus Christ.
2- Caring for one another in community.
3- Reaching Others, the Heartbeat of Jesus.

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Your writing friend,

Nancy, Founder/Leader of Relationships of the Heart

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At the Desk

Welcome to 2020!

How can we serve you?

Dropping by with a quick message. I will be back soon, with a blog post sharing with you, everything that is now available.


a peek into what is to come!

Persist in your writing, and don’t give up! Let’s make 2020, a year of crossing the finish line.

Let’s start the New Year off with a few comments. Share below what you are working on, in the area of your writing. If you desire to share details, go for it. If you desire to share one word or a few that is good too!

Merry Christmas to my Writing Friends

Prepare to plunge back into the land of writing.

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Dear Writing Friends,

Merry Christmas to you! I hope you are taking time to enjoy the day, whether you are with a small group of people or large.

My prayer for you as writers is that as we move into 2020 that your year of writing will be productive, successful, and a joy.

See you soon, with another post of what is going on in my world of writing. Thank you for connecting with me on my blog.