Passionate, Romantic, and Lover


This morning I ponder the words; passion, travel, writing. romance and love.

My passion is to raise up and encourage men and women leaders, around the world.

My passion for people leads me to travel and to write about my travel.

My writing leads me to places lodged in my unconscious mind and corners of my heart forever.

Ahhhh……Romance….Yes I am a passionate romantic.

With age it seems to increase instead of decrease. I have been told, “Nancy you are too much for me!”

Others around me work hard at trying to find a way, to sit and gaze at yesterday.

Me, my desire is to keep the flame of passion for life burning brightly.

  • Traveling until this body is unable to board a plane.
  • Writing until my life on this earth is over.
  • Keeping my eyes and heart open to romance and love.
  • Knowing living a life wired with passion, romance and love, is capable of causing me pain.

Love, love, love….what is that old saying, “it is love that makes the world go round.” It’s more than being young at heart.

It is a way of life, laughing as we go….

Will you join me, and live life to the fullest?


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